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Pacific Rim Photo Press - High Quality Asian Pacific & Latino Celebrity photos for your publication was formed in 2007. Our goal is to provide the best quality Asian Pacific and Latin celebrity event photos available directly to you. Our photographers have at least 5 years or more in celebrity event photography. Their experience will ensure that we will deliver quality photos to you.

The Beginning
In January 2007, a few red carpet event photographers of Asian Pacific and Latin descent realized that the mainstream photo agencies weren't giving extensive photo coverage to Asian Pacific and Latin events or event posting photos of Asian Pacific and Latin celebrities on their site.
By early 2008 this group of photographers finally launched the beta version of Pacific Rim Photo Press to fill the void that has been left by the mainstream photo agencies. Pacific Rim Photo Press recognizes the needs of various media outlets who are in search of Asian celebrity photos. The wait has ended and Pacific Rim Photo Press is your one stop site for celebrities that matter to you and your readers.

Pacific Rim Video
Pacific Rim Photo Press has grown to include videos through its sister company Pacific Rim Video. Pacific Rim Video specializes in entertainment video coverage of events, press junkets and celebrity appearances with broll and interviews of current and up and coming individuals making their mark in Hollywood and beyond.

Pacific Rim Photo Press is dedicated to bringing coverage of your event to our media outlet subscribers. We are available for assignments and in house event photography. Contact for more information.